Purchased Person

As with all Earth’s exported criminals, his body and will belonged to the race that had bought him, but the thoughts of the brain inside were still his own. Far off at the core of some gas-giant planet or floating in space, a creature with a wholly different physical structure was using this man’s eyes and limbs as his own, linked by tachyon transmission to the monitor units implanted in each Purchased Person’s skull. But inside that skull the original mind was spending a lifetime in solitary confinement.

Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson


Isidora Bojović © 2010 All Rights Reserved

It has to be said that the town itself is ugly. Its appearance is calm and it takes some time to appreciate what makes it different from so many other trading ports all over the world. How can one convey, for example, the idea of town without pigeons, without trees or leaves, where you hear no beating wings or rustling of leaves, in short, a neutral place? The change of season can only be detected in sky. Spring declares itself solely in the quality of the air or the little baskets of flowers that street-sellers bring in from the suburbs; this is a spring that is sold in the market-place. In summer the sun burns the dried-out houses and covers their walls with gray powder; at such times one can no longer live except behind closed shutters. In autumn, on the contrary, there are inundations of mud. Fine weather arrives only with winter "

Albert Camus
The Plague


Isidora Bojović © 2010 All Rights Reserved


Isidora Bojović © 2010 All Rights Reserved